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Make the Best of Valentine’s Day

Elizabeth Jiminez, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2013

What comes to mind once you hear February 14? Many would resent the sound of that. But then there’s people like me who enjoy the coming of this Holiday. Valentine’s is definitely a day to be “in love”. This day’s...

Students Should Clean up After Themselves at Lunch

Elizabeth Jimenez, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2012

In general Hamilton is a pretty clean school because most students know better than to walk around throwing trash on the floors, but it would be nice if that attitude would stick around through lunch. The cafeteria at lunch...

How is ‘E’s Fashion Police’ Even on the Air?

Bianna Mora, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2012

When scrolling through the TV channels, I always stop on E to see if anything interesting is on. One day, I stopped to watch this show called E’s Fashion Police. It was the stupidest show I’d ever watched in my life. What I foun...

Choosing Activities Wisely Can Help Students Avoid Negative Peer Pressure

Jason Parker, Staff Reporter

November 21, 2012

From going out with friends to going on a family vacation, students around school are always chatting about the weekend. Since there is so much chatter about the weekend, obviously a lot goes on, including parties. In high...

Reasons for Wearing Rosaries Vary

Jose Esparza, Staff Reporter

November 17, 2012

Jesus pieces (AKA rosaries) have been used by Catholics for a long time, but they gained popularity back in the 1990s as more than prayer beads.  They were most commonly worn by celebrities, rappers, and athletes during that...

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