Hamilton’s UNICEF Club

Sara Carson, Marketing Editor

Hamilton High School’s UNICEF club met Friday, September 12, in C113. The group is based off UNICEF U.S. UNICEF U.S. is a non-profit agency that works to aid education and health for children and mothers. It is prominent in third-world countries that are still developing. The program focuses on providing clean drinking water, immunizations, education, food, and emergency supplies for those who are in dire need of healthier living conditions. UNICEF’s goal is to “make sure every child has a safe and healthy life and to work toward the day when zero children die from preventable causes.” Hamilton’s UNICEF works mostly through volunteering.

Celebrity activists in UNICEF U.S. include Larry King, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Bridgit Mendler, Eva Longoria, and many more. Actress Audrey Hepburn, now deceased, was named a UNICEF Ambassador.

Shreya Lamba (12) is vice president of the Hamilton’s UNICEF club. “I’m mostly in charge of contacting coordinators for volunteer events,” she says. “I’m excited [for this year] since last year was our first year and there wasn’t a lot of growth, but this year we will have new members and there will be significant growth.”

These new members will be critical in expanding the group. If you are interested, the club meets every other friday. “Come to the meetings! Don’t forget to come to the meetings!” says Lamba. “ Check facebook and your messages. We will be updating facebook. We’re excited to have you!”