Humanity Is Destroying The Planet

Humanity Is Destroying The Planet

Dante Ramos, Marketing Editor

According to the research team at Australian National University (ANU) there have been drastic changes that has lead the planet on spiral downfall. For the past 45 years humanity has built machines that have brought on the Greenhouse Effect; this has caused the temperature to steadily rise to 35 degrees fahrenheit. The Anthropocene Equation: is used for the increasing influence of humans on earth and is calculated to evaluate the impact that humans have on our planet.  

Will Steffen, of the fenner School of Environment and Society and the Climate Change Institute at ANU states that, “ Over the past 7,000 years the primary forces driving change have been astronomical- changes in solar intensity and subtle changes in orbital parameters, along with a few volcanoes.” Although this has been the driving force it is also proclaimed that the actions of humans have caused the Earth’s climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces.

As these concerns begin to grow, many question how President Trump will act. Many have seen that Trump’s previous comments of the environment was that it was “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S manufacturing non-competitive.”

However, last November Trump was in an interview with New York Times and when asked if humans were somehow connected to the climate change he stated that there is “some connectivity. There is some, something.”
Global Warming is not old news. It is an escalating problem that everyone should be aware of. It was created by humanity and therefore it could be stopped by humanity.