North Korea Launches Test Missile


Kelsey Johnson, Marketing Editor

On Sunday, February 12th, North Korea launched an intermediate ballistic missile test towards American ally, Japan. The missile traveled about 1200 miles before landing in the ocean. Experts believe that the test could be North Korea’s threat to the United States.

The launch showed that the North Koreans are becoming more sophisticated with their technology. This missile is an upgrade to other North Korean missiles previously tested. It including a modern solid-fueled rocket engine which is harder for American and ally’s sensors to detect.

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were in Palm Beach, Florida when the launch of the Pukguksong-2 missile occurred. After the missile launch, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe reviewed top secret information of the missile launch in an unsecure location with people not privy to the documents. This incident has broken out into a scandal with Trump being pinned for risking national security. Forums about the incident will be held to discuss possible security violations.

Many people were shocked and scared by the missile launch, as it provokes a war.

A security guard was caught off guard by the incident saying, “At first it was scary, but I think the government will do a good job of protecting us. We should not be worried.”

Hamilton students weighed in on the story. Aaron Gonzalez (10) said, “It was irresponsible of North Korea to launch the missiles because of the predicament they are in. The United Nations should take action but with precaution, to not have nuclear war.”

Justin Brown (11) shared a similar view commenting, “I think it was stupid because launching missiles will only cause more problems. I am not concerned about our safety because the US and other countries will stop them.”

This will be Donald Trump’s first conflict with another foreign leader in his presidency. It is unclear how he will respond, though his previous remarks imply his not tolerant of North Korea or their leader Kim Jong Un.