Executive Action Will Eliminate Climate and Water Rules

Stormy Light, Managing Editor

A key focus of the Obama administration was to create environmental laws that support clean water, electricity, solar, and other resources. Making sure that these key concerns were addressed and protected were part of President Barack Obama’s plan to promote these programs. However, with the recent presidency of Donald Trump, some new changes and ideas have already been made to eliminate some of these environmental protection laws.

President Trump is already preparing executive orders directed at restricting Obama’s policies on climate and water pollution. This suggests that the new administration’s focuses are on business derived production of fossil fuels and will make sure these policies are not “getting in the way” of economic activity. Trump’s actions include rewriting “rules” regarding fossil fuels and other resources and promoting pipeline construction.

The Washington Post states, “According to the Yale/ George Mason poll taken right after the election, 7 in 10 voters supported strict carbon dioxide emission limits on existing coal-fired power plants to reduce global warming and improve public health, even if it would probably raise the cost of electricity.” In addition, multiple studies have shown that Americans are concerned with “clean drinking water” in their communities and the toll that waste and pollution is having on their health.

Vaish (9) says, “ The recent executive order that Trump signed really puts in jeopardy America’s current role in international climate change. Essentially, he is helping America revert back to its original path in fossil fuel exhaustion. It seems to be targeting Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which takes us back more than a couple steps. Unless some changes are made to replace and further the protection of the environment, America is, once again, paving the way toward a cloudy polluted future.”

Many other Americans are concerned with the future of environmental protection under the Trump administration.