Trump Orders Military Strike Against Syria


Taylor Smith, General Staff

On April 7, 2017, President Donald Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit the airbase that housed the planes responsible for the chemical attack in Syria that left dozens of innocent civilians dead.

During his campaign, he was known to say that he strongly disagreed with rebelling against the Syrian Presidential-regime using our military as a weapon. This has caused much controversy and different opinions on Trump’s choices, but overall, the President seemed to be deeply moved and disturbed by some of the footage from the chemical attack days previous.

Officials are saying that the people of the United States should not see this as a war, or an act to be followed up by many others, but as one to express the ‘unacceptability’ of what is going on in Syria. Although this is being said, that doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions from countries in support of Syria, like Russia and Iraq.

He attacked without permission from Congress or without much discussion or factual information. He acted rashly. Syria also broke rules of law by using chemicals on its civilians after World War II, which is no longer acceptable, so he sent warning signals. Either way, the governments are making mistakes on both sides.

I asked around Hamilton for opinions on the matter. Ashley Dussault (12) gave a riveting opinion on the whole thing. “Although Assad should be punished for the use of chemical weapons, bombing Syrian civilians is not the answer. Regardless of if Trump’s actions, striking without congressional approval, violated the Constitution, blanket bombings target civilians as well as Assad’s forces. If Trump’s intentions in striking were to protect civilians, his actions failed to achieve his purpose. Additionally, after blanket bombings civilians are more vulnerable to disease and future chemical attacks by the Assad regime.