Swastika T-Shirts

Lauren Craig and Adriana Urena

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 For thousands of years the swastika symbol meant one thing and one thing only; peace and love. This continued until the formation of the Nazi party. They used this symbol through hatred and destruction. Now this word has been defined as hateful and full of anti-semitism, except a certain company, KA Designs, who believes this sign should stay representing freedom, love, and peace. Their reason behind the sign according to Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, is to reclaim a new era for the swastika, aka the “new swastika” and its only a part of their “masterplan.”

         According to KA designs the swastika symbol needs to be forgiven and forgotten of the meaning it used to contain. Hamilton Husky, Jeffrie Lucio (10), said he was “glad they  took it down because it was a sensitive and touchy subject on people.” This is the general consensus of how people feel about the subject of rebranding the swastika. To most people, the reason for this shirt to be made, is no reason at all, it’s to take back the original meaning of the swastika. Senior, Katarina Hammerich said she, “sees why people are mad if it’s about forgiving Hitler, but it’s different if they are bringing back the original meaning,” which is peace and love. The designers of this shirt, however, believe it is important to realize the beauty of the sign now, not what it meant in the past. Although with everything going on, Teespring is still selling other graphic tees, different from the controversial swastika shirts. Freshman, Kelsie Rueckert, says she would still buy t-shirts from Teespring, and wouldn’t wrongly brand Teespring, “just because of one bad thing.” Recently, Teespring (the company supplying the shirts) took down the swastika peace and love designs because of the uproar of unhappy and offended customers. This leaves everyone to wonder what KA Design will plan to do next. What do you think?