Temporary Goodbye to Ice Cream Sammies

Chloe Dickinson

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It’s somewhere to go for delicious homemade ice cream and cookies. It’s somewhere to go hang out with friends. It’s somewhere to go on a first date. It’s a place that put in an abundant amount of work to rebuild and renovate a run-down, broken space in Downtown Chandler. But Ice Cream Sammies, as of October 31, will have their fixer-upper ice cream shop taken away from them.

This past weekend, on October 21, Ice Cream Sammies had its final day open in the Downtown Chandler location. For reasons they are unaware of, their Landlord decided she wanted them out. Ariana Cooper, one of the founders of this beloved ice cream shop, says, “8 months to built, 6 weeks to get out.” Ariana Cooper and Jamie Votaw launched this business in March of 2016 and the only direction it has gone is up. They are always packed with people who go to eat delicious ice cream and have a fun time. As a result of a lease dispute, this store that they worked so hard to create, is having to find a new home.

Ice Cream Sammies was one of the few places in Chandler that was created to promote a tight-knit, working community. They are a locally owned business that employs mainly the youth of our town. Olyvia Nedin, a senior at Hamilton, has worked at Sammies for the past 7 months. She says when they broke the news to their employees they were “shocked and upset because they had so much fun working there.” She also pointed out that, “almost everyone was from Hamilton.We all got along and it was just a really fun environment.” Ice Cream Sammies worked hard to give high school students an opportunity to work in a business that provided them with a tight community of employees. These students are all very disappointed that they are having to put their work on pause while Ice Cream Sammies tries to figure out how to solve this issue.

Another student at Hamilton, Peyton Anderson, has worked at Ice Cream Sammies for over 2 years, since almost the beginning. She had grown to love every aspect of the job and when she found out, she was crushed. Peyton said that the owners of Sammies “posted a private Youtube video for all the employees” to break the news. She said that while she found it “impersonal” when she first saw it,she realized that it would have been too difficult for them to tell all the employees in person. The video they posted was separate from the one posted for the public to view; It explained what was happening and was very emotional for all of the employees.

Ice Cream Sammies was a place close to many people’s hearts. All of the memories made there will not be forgotten and we hope to they will be able to find somewhere to new to continue their journey and we are waving a temporary goodbye to this beloved ice cream shop.

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