Devastating California Fires


Hannah Ferraro

In Northern California there has been yet another devastating tragedy. There are more wildfires that have recently broke out in California and as a result, 42 people were killed.

This one fire alone is already the most destructive fire in the state’s history. The fire has burned through 117,000 acres of land and it’s not over yet. The Camp Fire, which is the biggest fire out of the 3 main ones, is only 30% contained. Evacuations were ordered in several Sierra foothills towns, including Paradise, Magalia, and Conco. Many roads were closed in that area as well. The Woolsey Fire that occurred in Ventura and Los Angeles has been 35% containment. The Woolsey Fire spread over 96,314 acres of land. Numerous houses we destroyed and freeways have been shut down. Last fire is the Hill Fire that is just a little East of Camarillo. Hill Fire is 90% contained which is amazing although, the fire is still ongoing. Lauren Mcneil (10) says “my prayers go out to all the families affected by these fires. It’s good that the fires are getting contained.” Many families don’t want to rebuild their houses because they know they will just get destroyed again. Aeneas Antone (10) gives his feedback by saying “I don’t think I would want to rebuild my house either. Although, the toughest thing about losing one thing is starting over and making new memories in a new house.” The average cost is about $683,000 per property to defending a home against wildfires. Jordyn Thomas (10) says “It’s crazy that California always has so many forest fires.”

With all of these fires, there is also a lot of money that goes into rebuilding. If you can, research the matter and see how you can help even around your community. A little bit goes a long way.