Mars One

Max Pulido

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Back in 2012, a private company announced that they are planning a one way trip to Mars with business whiz Bars Lansdorp as the primary investor. The mission that Mars One is setting out to do is establish a permanent settlement on the red planet. But in recent months Lansdorp company declared bankruptcy making the multibillion dollar mission without an investor. This impacts the Mars 100, a selected group of engineers and well qualified members of the space venturing community around the world. But without a current investor fueling the mission, they’re all in limbo. However that doesn’t mean that the applicants aren’t still driven to explore the stars as they reach closer to the launch date.

Given the opportunity, almost every person would jump at the chance to travel to space, much like Dhani Branch(10), “I would not hesitate to go to space. There’s so much we can learn from Mars and it’ll help us as a species to expand our territory.” That’s what many of the applicants exclaimed in their statements about the exploration. Excitement fuels many of these explorers but some people don’t find it necessary for mankind to leave Earth. Patience Longraf(10), “We shouldn’t just leave Earth all polluted and damaged. We should try to fix this home before we go and find another one.” Many analyst have said that Mars is most like Earth, with many studies showing that Mars couldn’t once been like Earth with a similar atmosphere.

The Mars One program is currently still looking for a private investor to fund their exploration. They have a donation plan set up on their website,, for any space lovers wanting to help fund their mission.

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