NFL Draft Recap

NFL Draft Recap

Kyle Coffee

After 256 picks, the NFL Draft is officially over and it was quite the eventful weekend. The Arizona Cardinals drafted Quarterback Kyler Murray after months of speculation, the New York Giants shocked all of Nashville by taking Daniel Jones at pick number six, and there were plenty of ecstatic players who finally achieved the dream they worked so hard for throughout their collegiate career.

At pick number one, the Arizona Cardinals were under tight scrutiny from the entire league as there many people connected the explosive QB from Oklahoma to new Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury and his high octane air raid offense. The only problem is that they just drafted Josh Rosen the year before at the tenth overall pick. Nick Hahn (12) didn’t like the idea of trading Rosen one year later saying, “I loved Josh last year and I hate trading him this quickly. He still has so much time to improve and the Cardinals brought in Kingsbury to improve him, not just get rid of him. I’m sure Murray will be good, but I don’t think we should’ve taken him because we already got a QB.” Nick is right and it seems like malpractice to ditch a young player who was just given the keys to the franchise, but the intrigue with the Heisman winner ended up being too tantalizing to pass up for General Manager Steve Keim. With that selection, a trade of Rosen had to follow as a team would be wise not to have two young quarterbacks on the roster, creating tension and drama within the locker room. The Cardinals were able to find a taker as the Miami Dolphins traded their second round pick and a fifth next year for Rosen, which leaves them with a possible franchise quarterback at a below market price. This also creates a lot of pressure not only for Murray, but the entire front office in Arizona as they have to prove they made the right decision sooner rather than later.

The New York Giants also created a stir as they selected the Duke product, Daniel Jones, at number six. People were aware that the Giants needed an heir apparent to the 38 year old Eli Manning as it is clear his time is up, if not almost up. Jack Birmingham (12) voiced his displeasure with the pick saying, “It felt like a waste of a top ten pick to me. There are several things wrong with this selection. One being that Daniel Jones wasn’t the best QB on the board as Haskins and even Lock showed more talent at college. Two being that they could have taken him at pick 17 because no one else was going to take him. They should have grabbed a quality defensive talent, but wasted it on an average player who won’t amount to much overall.” Daniel Jones is regarded as an overall average player with no real outstanding traits that make him stand out. Fans were upset as they have already had a rough offseason with the trade of superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and not many inspiring acquisitions in free agency. Time will tell if this is the right selection, but as of right now, trouble may be brewing in New York for the foreseeable future.

Overall, the NFL Draft tends to be an exciting event for all football consumers, and this one sure followed suit with massive, franchise altering picks that will sure be in discussion over the next few years.