MLB First Month Recap

Kyle Coffee

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All the excitement of Opening Day is a thing in the past as Major League Baseball enters the month of May. The first month of the season is exciting in that it is an early indicator of teams and players who are breaking out while also showing those who are off to slow starts. Sometimes these indicators are just mirages that tend to even out, whether that is good or bad, in the coming months. There was certainly a lot of action in baseball’s first month back and the intrigue that comes with it is what makes baseball so fun.

Looking at surprise teams that are off to hot starts, eyes should immediately turn to the Tampa Bay Rays and the Minnesota Twins. The Rays were a sneaky team to perform well with reigning Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell atop the rotation and a well rounded lineup to back him up, but not everyone predicted they would be leading the tough AL East at the start of May with titans like the New York Yankees and the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox looking fierce as always. It’s unclear whether or not they can keep up this incredible pace all season, but they are a sure fun team to watch.

The Minnesota Twins are also catching some eyes as they are currently the best team in baseball through the first month. Nick Hahn (12) believes this early dominance isn’t an illusion at all saying, “I really thought they would be good entering the season. They needed some of their better players like Buxton and Sami to bounce back and hope free agency additions help the cause as well. The Indians are pretty banged up right now so this is their time to shine and I think they can take the division.” The Twins showed promise back in 2017 with a spectacular run to the wild card game with a lot of young talent, but they disappointed last year with no trip to the postseason. Nick noted their free agent additions and the help they provide and that is very true. Marwin Gonzalez and Nelson Cruz are two big bats that really stretch their lineup. If the Indians underestimate the Twins the whole year, there might be a changing of the guard within the AL Central.

When seeing teams that look to be performing below their expectations, the New York Mets pop out. Alyssa Bleyle (12) commented on the Mets slow start saying, “I guess I’m shocked over what’s going on with the Mets. They made a lot of big moves in order to get back to a high level and it doesn’t look great so far. I’m sure they will get back on track and finish with a better team showing at the end of the season.” Alyssa has a point when discussing their big acquisitions as they traded their top prospect for slugger Robinson Cano and closer Edwin Diaz. Right now they sit third in the NL East and perhaps if they get things going, they can claim the division for the first time since 2015.

Even though the first month is over, doesn’t mean that these records are set in stone. There’s still a whole lot of baseball left with anything on the table as teams fight to succeed and get to the postseason.

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