NHL Playoffs 2019

Connor Manning

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For the past month now, anyone tuning in NBC Sports Networks all across the US have witnessed continuously exciting 60 plus minute hockey games, all for the right to win one of the most richest prizes out there, the Stanley Cup. Ethan Hartman (12), said that “There is nothing like watching the playoffs, because not only does it get me through the school year, the series are always so competitive that you don’t know who’s gonna win!” This years playoffs have been filled with upsets, as for the first time ever, no number 1 seeds advanced past the first round.

The second round of the playoffs are set to conclude on May 8, as the last series to finish, the San Jose Sharks will host the Colorado Avalanche, in a decisive Game 7. Blake Shiverdecker (10) commented on the hype of Wednesday’s matchup. “It’s always fun to watch Game 7’s, because there is so much on the line, and both teams are going to be desperate to move on.” The winner will take on the St. Louis Blues in the Western Conference Finals. The Blues also had to win a Game 7, as Patrick Maroon of the Blues scored in double overtime to send the Blues moving on. On the other side of the bracket, the Eastern Conference Finals will begin Thursday, with the Carolina Hurricanes making the trek up north to Boston Mass to take on the Bruins in Game 1. Kaiden Willa (9), talked about how “It’s an unlikely matchup (the Hurricanes and Bruins) as no one really had these two teams making it this far.” The Bruins bounced the Blue Jackets out the playoffs on Monday, and the Hurricanes shockingly swept the New York Islanders, and have had a long time of rest. The playoffs are heating up as summer rounds the corner, it will be an exciting finish no matter who wins.