The Bubonic Plague 2019


Alexis Brady

Recently, news broke that a Mongolian couple died as a result of the Bubonic Plague. They died on May 1st, after they ate the kidneys of a large rodent called marmots. These animals carry the bacteria that causes the plague. Although, in Mongolia, it is an old wives tale that the marmots are good for one’s health. Sydney Jardina (11) shared, “it’s so scary to think that this disease that caused so much havoc hundreds of years ago can still become a problem today.” It is well-known that the bubonic plague, also known as the black plague, took millions of lives in the 1300s. The deadly disease wiped a third of Europe’s population.

Although cases on the plague still pop up in some part of the western U.S and parts of Africa, if taken care of right away, symptoms could go away with antibiotics.  Tiffany Ticlo (11) expressed, “I’m really surprised to see headlines about the bubonic plague being back, I really thought that it was completely eradicated hundreds of years ago.”  The idea that bubonic plague could come back with the same fury as it did in the 14th century, is in fact a scary thought. If left untreated, the plague brings symptoms of fever, vomiting, and bleeding. Additionally, it can leave a person dead in just a few days.

The couple died in Mongolia, near the border of China and Russia. Their death sparked authorities there to go into a state of emergency, ordering a quarantine for a number of days. Sydney Case (11) said, “I really hope that this does not lead to a huge outbreak, and that it is contained.” Fortunately, there have been no new known cases that came as a result of the couples case and the quarantine was ended.