UNC Shooting


Blake England

Last Tuesday on April 30th gunshots roar at the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus. Unexpected and surprise a gunman opened shots in a classroom at the campus. The attack killed 2 students and wounded 4 leaving the United States and the people of UNC scared and in shock.

The attack on Tuesday is the most recent of many mass shootings at educational institutions in the US leaving parents, students, and teachers frightened. The police identified the gunman as Trystan Andrew Terrell, 22, and stated that he had been charged with two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. The shooters motive and reasoning is unknown to the public, but he was reported to be attending the school before he disappeared. Students in the classroom explain the scene vividly, as it was the last class day till exams and graduation. A class that examines the anthropology and philosophy of science was presenting group projects as the gunman walked in. Students say it was quiet at first and 3 shot’s came and chaos came after. A sophomore in the class, Miranda Finch, explained “I looked at him,” she said, “and the gun was aimed at my table and at me”. 3 of the 4 students wounded were sitting at a circular table waiting to present when everyone started to run and scream, it is unknown if those students were targeted or not. Clair Ryan (11) says ‘ I don’t understand why innocent lives are being taken for no reason”. But despite the chaos in the class one student by the name of Riley C. Howell, 21, lunged at the shooter while being shot point blank. Sacrificing his life, Riley was able to put the gunman on the ground in time for police to get to the scene.

This act of heroism left a a heartwarming feeling to those affected by the shooting, leaving a impact on the students he sacrificed his life for. The campus was quiet and sad as the days passed over,leaving a harsh feeling to everyone at the school. As a country, we must come together and help those affected to make sure this act of insanity and honorifics will never be upon anymore school and students. Daniel Polus (11) says “ I hope in the future there will be less shootings”. Pray for those lost on April 30th for they had no reason to die as too all the other students we have lost in the past years due to school shootings.