Phoenix Suns Offseason Plans

Kyle Coffee

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After another disappointing season in which the Phoenix Suns finished 19-63 and missed the playoffs for the ninth consecutive time, this offseason is huge as there needs to be significant additions to push this depressing franchise to relevance. With a new head coach, executive Vice President, and a clear general manager put in place, expectations are high for them to figure out how to make this young team vault into contention sooner rather than later through the draft and free agency this summer.

The draft lottery didn’t go according to plan as the Suns were projected to land in the top three but fell to pick number six. With a top heavy draft class, this is clearly not ideal. There are two options that the front office can choose when approaching this draft: either trade the pick for veteran help or draft someone to add to this young core. Jackson Burns (10) believes that trading the pick would be the best move to make saying, “We really don’t need more young players to develop when we need impact talent now. Trading it for someone like Jrue Holiday or Mike Conley would not only help the young guys, but help raise the team’s floor heading into next season.” Jackson raises a good point when arguing to trade the pick because he is right when saying this team is already so young and making it even younger doesn’t necessarily make them better, just more inexperienced. The point guards mentioned above in Holiday and Conley would help bring pedigree and leadership to a team that lacks both. The price tag to trade for them may be high, but that’s the trade off team’s make to significantly improve their team.

Another integral part of this offseason is free agency and this team has some money to spend with the chance to spend more by unloading some of their higher contracts to other teams. With an unprecedented free agency filled with several superstars and talented role players, the ideal time for this team to acquire players is by spending. Nick Hahn (12) offers his opinion on who the Suns should sign saying, “I would love to sign the big players like Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving, but I don’t think they would want to come here. Targeting good, cheap players like Darren Collison and Thaddeus Young might be the move in my opinion.” There is a relatively low chance that superstars are going to be lining up at the door for Phoenix due to our low chances to win immediately, but lower cost players who desire a comparatively smaller wage and playing time that this team can offer is much more realistic. Darren Collison isn’t a top player by any means, but he’s a veteran that can help build a culture and assist in developing young talent by showing proper work ethic and poise on and off the court.

This offseason is huge for this team to make moves to finally show signs of a smart franchise which makes every decision over the next few months important to this franchise’s future.

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