How Phone Usage in Class Affects Learning


Credit: Lauren Craig

Patrick Shields

Whether or not phones should be used in classrooms has been debated for years. People either think they help or hurt the learning of the students. There are many ways that phones help initiate the learning of students; but, there are also ways that they hinder it. At Hamilton High School, the students have a lot to say about phones in class and share their opinion.

People think phones should be allowed in class because it helps their learning. Bronson Shino (12) said, “being able to listen to music in class helps me focus on the task I’m given.” So, students claim that listening to music motivates them to get their work done and do it well. Also, it has been proven that  “listening to classical music tends to calm nerves and helps you focus. While loud music can have the completely opposite effect by keeping your mind preoccupied with the music” according to In some instances, music can help to learn, depending on what type you’re listening to.

Phones can also be really harmful to the learning of students. It’s obvious that they can be a huge distraction with all of the social media and text messaging on them. Senior James Barker, said, “When my phone screen light up in class, I immediately check to see what notification I got.” When a student has their phone out on their desk, it’s so easy to get this distraction. The notification completely disturbs them from their learning. Even if it is just for a second, that’s a second of information they’ll never get back.

Phones have many uses in class and can be used for academic purposes such as Kahoot! and other fun, thought-provoking games. Tyler Landon (12) said, “I love coming into class and reading on the board that we’re playing Kahoot! for the day.” The students love the interactive games and it’s an entertaining way to learn new things or study for a test. 

Overall, phones in class can be both really helpful and harmful to the learning of students. There are many ways they can distract students. But, then again also keep them engaged. It’s a 50/50 chance to be taken, but with enough balance, phones can be a great learning tool to use in classrooms.