MTV’s 2019 VMA’s


Photo By Kevin Mazur

Germaine Jacques

After weeks of advertising and getting people filled with excitement, the awards show was ready to be shared live. On Monday night, August 26th the MTV Video Music Awards aired. The MTV Video and Music Awards bring entertainment to many people. With live music from upcoming artists and speeches of motivation and encouragement, all come together as one.

Although the Awards show was to credit and celebrate artists’ hard work, it was also the time to bring awareness to others. According to Carmen Rodriguez (10), such a large stage is used to “spread messages and get others involved.” Award winners spoke words of encouragement to the large audience and brought awareness to important current events. Granted that not many agree, it is a step closer to making a change. 

The unity between all people is outstanding and beautiful. Connected by written lyrics and beats, fans sing-along with their hearts and souls. “A song could be about a totally different thing, but people connect to it on other levels and I believe that is what brings us all together,” says Angel Cruz (11). A song could be written explicitly about a broken relationship, yet a person will connect to it by a lost dog.

With Lizzo firing the stage with her amazing vocals and setting an example for all females, the roof was off with loud and cheering fans. “She [Lizzo] set an example to all young girls and women to be confident in themselves.” Becky Ramirez (11) says. Lizzo wore a bright yellow bodysuit that glowed beneath the bright stage lights. She was a true queen rocking the stage!