Chemical Leak in Chandler

Credit: AZ Central

Credit: AZ Central

Patrick Shields

In Chandler, there was a chemical leak on Monday, September 15th. The leak caused employees of many businesses to evacuate their buildings. The chemical that was leaking from a container is usually used in swimming pools and spa water. It’s known as Di-Chlor, and there were 1,500 pounds of it found. The Chandler Fire Department asked anyone that lives in the area to stay indoors until the leak was contained.

The chemical leak didn’t receive the coverage it should have. When asked about opinions on the chemical leak, James Barker (12) said, “To be honest, I didn’t know that there was a chemical leak. But, I do hope that everyone in that stays safe.” This chemical leak should have had more spotlight on it because it was a very important event. People in that area could have ended up seriously hurt without even knowing about what was happening. The chemical leak could have been a lot more dangerous if it didn’t get contained so quickly.

Residents in that area were worried. Tatum Olsen (11) said, “I live just south of Elliot Road and when my mom told me about the leak, I was really worried. I have never dealt with something like that before.” There haven’t been many chemical leaks in Chandler, so this was new for the residents. They weren’t sure what to do or how to act, but when the Chandler Fire Department put a statement out, it put their minds at ease.

The employees of the businesses that had to evacuate are lucky the chemical leak got patched up so fast. Nick Smith (12) said, “I feel bad for the employees in the buildings because they must have been freaking out.” In a situation like that, it would be hard not to. Chandler residents have not seen much like this, so naturally, they get scared. However, if the leak didn’t get fixed as fast as it did, who knows what could’ve happened. 

The Di-Chlor leak caused many businesses to evacuate their buildings. Which, put everyone into a state of panic, but the fire department got it taken care of with ease. Next time something like this happens, let’s hope the event gets more coverage than it did this time.