Arizona State Fair


Credit: Melissa Fossum, Phoenix New Times

Lizz Shields

On October 5, 2019, the 114th annual Arizona state fair opened its gates to excited fairgoers. With fast passes, wristbands, or tickets, families and single participants lined up to go on rides. Though the passes might have cost some fairgoers their wallets, the overall excitement and thrill of the rides were shown on many happy faces. 

The Arizona fair might have had many rides which gave much long-lasting joy, but the lines for said rides might have been a little longer, “I went on one specific ride a lot of times but it was a popular one, so I had to wait a long time to get on,” says Liz Jacobs (11). As always with the fair one thing that never disappoints will be the food, still, quite a bit of money is needed to get the mouth-watering tastes, but according to Kelton Hoffmeyer (9), it’s worth it, “We got funnel cakes and cinnamon rolls… the food was amazing,” he exclaims. 

Well with fifteen dollars for parking, twelve for tickets, and who knows how many for rides and food, the AZ state fair is all yours. Stay safe huskies, and have fun!