Fall Activities in Arizona



Zelia Garcia

With the fall season coming up, Arizona residents are looking for festivities to attend to. There is actually a multitude of different, little activities that would be fun to do with friends, family or a significant other! Around Hamilton High School, students shared some of their favorite places to go and have fun during fall.

The most well-known festival open during the fall season is the State Fair held in Phoenix. It runs from October 4th to the 27th and the general admission tickets cost roughly $12. Arizona residents from all over come down just to attend the fair. It includes concerts, food, games, rides, and much more. In a room full of 32 seniors, 28 said they have gone or are planning to go to the state fair. Showing, just how many people actually go and how popular of an activity it is during the fall.

Another fall activity that Arizona residents love to take part in is the pumpkin patch! There are many all over Arizona and one of them is MacDonald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch. It is available to attend October 1st through the 30th and is open 6 days a week, closed on Tuesdays. However, it features a lot more than just a pumpkin patch. Ariana Orlando (12) said, “There is a petting zoo, haystack maze, and games to play.” Admission for the pumpkin patch costs $10 per person or $12 on weekends. For only that much per person, a pumpkin patch is a great activity that’s very affordable.

The Pumpkin Patch Train is a hidden gem that features a train ride through the countryside all the way to a secret pumpkin patch. It’s available throughout the month of October every Saturday and Sunday costs $26 for adults and $21 for kids. Senior Katelyn James said, “Even though the train ride is a lot more expensive than other fall activities, it’s well worth the money.” You get to see all of the countrysides and enjoy the amazing weather while on the train. The secret pumpkin patch just makes it that much better.

These are only a few of the fall activities here in Arizona. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot of fall festivals and such in Arizona that not many people know about. While some may cost a lot of money, they are definitely worth it for some quality bonding time with friends, family and a significant other.