Australia Wildfire


Zelia Garcia

Every state in Australia has been hit by massive wildfires, but South Wales has been hurt the worst. National parks like the Blue Mountains, wooded areas, homes in the outer suburbs and more have been severely damaged. Due to all of these fires, the air quality in Sydney measured 11 times the hazardous level. Leading to 28 deaths so far nationwide and just in South Wales, more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. The fires continue to persist due to heat and drought and many believe that climate change is part of the issue.

Over half a billion animals have been affected by the fires across South Wales and their habitats have been destroyed. “I’ve seen some horrifying pictures and videos of koalas in Australia struggling to get away from the danger,” Ariana Orlando (12) said. It’s been recorded that almost a third of koalas in SW have been killed in the fires and a third of their habitat has been destroyed. The photos of animals, like koalas, being saved by firefighters and citizens of Australia from the fires have been floating around social media. “The photos of the animals watching their habitats being destroyed is so sad. It honestly makes wants me want to cry,” Elisa Springfields (10) said. Admittedly, the photos will spark some emotions in whoever is seeing it and how sad and scared the animals are. To help, there are 2,000 firefighters on the ground in SW alone. Additionally, the US, Canada, and New Zealand have sent firefighters to help combat the fires. “I think it’s great that other countries are sending officials to Australia to help. They need all the help they can get over there,” Ryker Talbot (12) said. It’s important that countries help one another, especially when in this much of a crisis. Multiple states in Australia have declared a state of emergency and it’s critical that they get everybody to help put out these fires for good.

Celebrities and social media influencers have been sharing links constantly urging their followers to donate to organizations helping Australia recover from the damages. Some of them have even been donating thousands to millions of dollars to support the cause. Overall, the people on social media have been sharing their support for the people in Australia and have been spreading the news all around so everyone can be aware of it and help in any way they can. Go donate to help Australia now, but make sure the organization is credible and your money is going to the right place!