Covid Fatigue


Jordan Bivins

All around the world cases have been increasing. In Europe after getting looser on restrictions they are now going back into lockdown thanks to their second wave. Here in America, we’re hitting our second wave too and never really had a break from the first wave. All around the world, people are getting hit with Coronavirus, and it’s only getting worse. The real problem is Covid fatigue. 

The definition of Covid fatigue is when people are tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared. Their tiredness leads to a collective fatigue that makes some people careless. Many renowned universities and research organizations believe that this second surge is due to this Covid fatigue. Carisa Parish, who is the Co-Director of Pediatric Medical Psychology at John Hopkins Medicine states, “Trying to adhere to anything extra is always a challenge…You can add extra steps to your routine for a few days, but sustained behavior change is hard. Especially when no one around you is sick, and you just don’t feel like wearing a mask or saying no to things you like to do. But the fact is, the precautions work.” I think everyone can honestly agree that the constant precautions and worry gets to be tiring. Especially for highschool students who would much rather hangout with friends than stay cooped up at home. It is all very understandable, but what is not understandable is putting others at risk by not wearing a mask or distancing.

For many, Covid is getting to be so overwhelming they’d rather just forget about it. But how do you think first responders, doctors and nurses feel? They are on their feet always wearing a mask everyday. How do you think people who have lost loved ones feel thanks to this disease? Their time was cut short with someone they loved, and they will never get to see them again. How do you think people on ventilators feel, or people who are being told they aren’t going to make it? They might have just gotten their life back if someone had worn their mask like it was advised. It makes sense that people are fed up with the Corona Virus, but being selfish and not wearing a mask is never the answer. In the end, you would never want to be the reason someone lost their life, and you would never want to lose a loved one. 

It is definitely hard to keep Covid in your consciousness, so coming from the John Hopkins School of Medicine, here are some ways to stay safe and not let Covid fatigue get to you. The number one tip is to make a commitment to yourself or even someone else. If you make it your goal to always bring your mask with you, or speak up when someone isn’t wearing a mask, you are much more likely to complete it. Another tip is to make these precautions a second nature, make it normal to wear masks and social distance in public. Making sure to always have supplies handy will help as well, maybe having an extra mask and hand sanitizer in your car is just the thing you need to remind yourself. The last tip is to read stories and articles on other people’s experiences, this tip is very important because it reminds you how lucky you are and informs you about the disease. In all, the Corona Virus is alive and well and just wishing it away or ignoring it will only feed it. Make sure to continue wearing your mask in any public setting, socially distant and not gather in large groups. Stay safe and stay selfless.