Coronavirus Cases Fall 30% During England’s Lockdown

Jacob Nguyen

During England’s four-week long lockdown period, the amount of infected people from the Coronavirus has dropped 30%. The four-week lockdown in England that started on Nov. 5 and ended on Dec. 2. This four-week period had closures of many non-essential businesses, and residents were told to not mix into any other households. 

According to a swab test of 105,000 people, results show that the lockdown was successful. The report concluded that around 0.96% of England’s population has the virus. In previous findings on Nov. 2, around 1.3% of the population had the virus. Comparing this to the most recent swab test, the amount of people that were sick was reduced by 30%. 

Cases dropped dramatically in previous hot spots in the North, with areas falling around 50%. In places like London and England’s Midlands Region, there was little change; However, the rapid growth of infections observed in the capital was halted. Another change was the R-number, a number that indicates how many people the person will pass the infection to, and  this number has fallen from below one. This means that the number of people that are getting infected is shrinking. London had the highest R-number at around 0.95, compared to northwest and northeast England, at 0.76 and 0.78.

Infections went down in all age groups except for the increasing infections in the school age groups. Schools during the lockdown remained open, but few children became seriously ill with the virus. Researchers have called the virus to be having an uneven impact on people such as health workers, large household families and minority ethnic groups posing higher risk for infection. 

Though the four-week lockdown has had an overall positive impact on England’s population, are these positives here to stay during December? Mekhi Tinsley, a Sophomore at Hamilton High School, shares his thoughts on the following weeks by saying, “I think the cases will get worse because people will be unable to social distance well enough on the holidays.” With the upcoming holidays, increasing concerns of another spike in cases is evident. Will we be able to social distance well enough?