The Importance of Keeping Your Mask On


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Jordan Bivins

In recent weeks, the number of Covid-19 cases has been dropping. On Jan. 8, 2021, the number of cases were at a seven day average of 293,593. Now on Feb. 23, 2021, It is at a seven day average of 68,038 cases. This is an immense decrease and it’s one that the entirety of the  United States is thankful for. But there is no way that we can keep up this decrease if we stop staying safe. Many believe that because it’s decreasing, we can start living normally, but that is not true. We can start to integrate more of normal life into our current lifestyles, but it’s important to continue to social distance, clean hands and surfaces, avoid large gatherings and wear masks. 

Of all these important criteria of staying safe, the easiest one is to wear your mask. A mask is a piece of fabric or other durable material that covers the mouth and nose of wearers. It is being used highly because it has scientifically shown to help slow the spread of this virus. There have been many experiments with masks that show that wearing masks can block particles from escaping when one sneezes, coughs or even breathes. 

In my opinion, wearing a mask gets easier everyday. At some points I find myself acting like a mask is a second skin, I even forget to take it off sometimes. Masks are an extremely easy way to do your part and slow the spread of this virus that has already killed 500,000 just in the United States. Another way that masks are important is how it shows others you care. When you wear a mask it is actively signaling to others that you care about their health and want to make sure that they won’t get the virus from you. Those who refuse to wear masks are just showing others how selfish they are. 

It’s important to do your part in a worldwide pandemic and mask up. When it comes to it, everyone should want to show that they care, they made an impact, and they can be mature enough to simply wear masks and keep their distance. Stay selfless and safe to make this virus die down as soon as possible.