Taliban Warns US of Kabul Airport Closure


Jose Chavez

The Taliban is warning the U.S. Army that they have to close the airlifts on Aug. 31. It’s chaos in Afghanistan because the people of Kabul are rioting and the Taliban is abusing the fuel to stop the thousands of citizens that are trying to flee from their country.

A U.S. Senior Official has said that President Joe Biden is committed to the deadline but officials from Europe have asked the Taliban for more time. The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, has said the group of seven nations will not recognize the Taliban government if it is not willing to let their people leave the country if they wish before and after the August. deadline.

This announcement set the stage for an endgame a day after the CIA director met a top leader of the Taliban in Kabul. This conspicuous meeting reflected the seriousness of the crisis and America’s need to correlate with the Taliban as it struggles to end a war that has lasted for two decades against them.

Trying to evacuate the citizens at the Kabul Airport is a challenge. A sense of hopelessness has permeated the country as citizens fear the Taliban will resort to savage actions when they last ruled Afghanistan.

The main issue for the U.S. right now is evacuating as many citizens of Kabul from the Taliban’s reign of terror. The second serious issue for the U.S. is preparing for another year long war with the Taliban. From 2001 to 2021, the U.S. has fought the Taliban for it has been a rough time for both sides since they both have strong armies and dangerous war weapons.

After years of fighting, the Taliban is starting to take serious actions to take over the entire country of Afghanistan, and the U.S. needs to think and make carefully thought out plans to stop the Taliban.