Suicide Awareness & Hispanic Heritage Month

 On Sept.1 was the start of Suicide Awareness Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. The CUSD District has introduced this new hotline 988 that has been available for use since July 16, 2022 and a website, www.talknowaz for any one who needs help or someone to talk to. Recently our community within the valley have been affected by this certain topic, and the students and district are taking action to help those who need someone there for them and those who feel the need to talk or seek help. 

Taking on Hispanic Heritage Month METCHA run by Mrs. Lundahl delivers hispanic traditions to light. Arizona is one of many states with a very big hispanic and latino community. At Hamilton there are many not only students, but also staff members who are hispanic and bring many favors to our school. Gabierela Garcia, Treasure of METCHA states, “We’re putting our attention on illuminating hispanic traditions and displaying it on campus in order to help people become more conscious of hispanic and latino existence.” The MECHTA club is doing many projects to contribute to this month to honor this cultural month.