A Woman’s Suffrage

Abigail Schrauth

In light of recent events, the Roe v. Wade case was recently overturned by the courts Friday, June 24, 2022. The decision dismantled 50 years of legal protection and paved the way for individual states to curtail or outright ban abortion rights. The controversial matter sparked immediate vulgar protests marching through the streets. Targeting the subjects of rape, sexual assault, and worse, millions of women retaliated against this court decision with violence and very few silent marches. 

Many abortion activist women and young adults have taken to social media to spread what they call “dreadful news” and have even taken their rage out on the male population. Blaming them for their suffering and their inability to “keep it in their pants.” More than a thousand protest signs are vulgar and inappropriate to the eyes of young children with no idea what this means for their future.

Anti-abortionists are rejoicing at the result, some mocking and taunting the protestors speaking to the media. Many have made a show of thanking God while others have resented Christianity and those who follow the faith. Claiming, “Christians and pro-birth, not pro-life.” Meaning, Christians would rather have a child be born no matter what rather than abort it, even if the mother is harmed in the process. After the Supreme Courts ruling, 12 of the sStates made performing any abortion procedure considered a felony. The Supreme Court does not make clear any signs of returning to the finalized outcome. As for now, any ruling on the subject matter will be left to the individual states. Anti-abortion protests cease to halt and seem to be a permanent action that will continue for as long as they are able to.