Tragedy Strikes Puerto Rico with Hurricane Fiona Crashing thru the Caribbean

Laila Richardson Jenkins

This week tragedy has once again hit the people of Puerto Rico with a devastating Category four Hurricane.

It has been one day since hurricane Fiona has pillaged through the island of Puertco leaving flooding, no power and no running water. So far, this hurricane has killed five people, two in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico have no power and no electricity but the main concern is no clean drinking water. An entire island that is home to 3.1 million people can not survive without access to clean water.

Since Puerto Rico is part of the United States as a Territory and they are U.S citizens that means they can get the resources that they need to help survive the aftermath of this storm. These resources include FEMA and the Department Of Homeland Security since President Joe Biden has declared an emergency for the island.

More than 1,200 people have been housed in shelters and 200 families were stranded on a sector of the island because a bridge was destroyed. This leaves families in need of help and a way you can help them is to donate to charities that will send funds, supplies, water and other necessary aid to the people of Puerto Rico. The charities you can donate to will be listed at the bottom of the article. In Hamilton news Our Homecoming Dance will be this Saturday, Sept .24, 2022. The homecoming game and carnival will be held on Friday Sept. 23, 2022. Show up and support your fellow Huskies!

The Charities to help out the islanders of Puerto Rico: