Parkland Killer Gets Life, but Families Getting Their Say

Kamryn Martinez

Many of the family members of the 17 innocent people who were murdered by Nikolas Cruz finally got to speak to him in court.

More will get their chance to speak to him on the second day of the hearing. This will sentence Cruz to life without parole. This took place in the Valentine’s Day 2018 massacre at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School. In suburban Fort Lauderdale. The victims’ families as well as the 17 wounded who survived went to the hearing and stood about 20 feet from Cruz. They let out their anger and grief.

Many told the 24-year-old that they hope his remaining years are filled with fear and the pain he inflicted on them. Cruz escaped the death penalty because a minority of the jury was able to overturn the majority decision. Meghen Petty referred to him as a “remorseless monster who deserves no mercy.” Petty lost her 14 year old sister, Alaina. This was from Cruz shooting his AR-15 rifle into her classroom. As well as stalking the halls of the three story building for seven minutes, firing 140 shots. Cruz had planned this for seven months. He had no remorse and showed very little emotion when the victims’ families finally got the chance to speak to him.