Mount Semeru Erupts

Laila Richardson Jenkins

On Sunday Dec. 4. in the Lumajang district of Indonesia,the local Volcano Mount Semeru spews thick ash nearly 5,000 feet into the sky leaving nearby areas inhabitable. Towns within the danger zone of the volcano were coveted in the mountain’s thick ash causing people to leave their homes and their belongings in them. Heavy rain eroded the and finally collapsed the lava dome, in a result an avalanche of lava and hot gasses came sliding down the mountain.


People living in nearby towns are hurrying to flee because they do not want a repeat of last year, the last time this active volcano erupted. December of last year was the volcano’s last eruption leaving 51 people dead and many others severely burned or injured. Towns buried and caked in mud making roughly 10,000 people to evacuate their homes


 This year nearly 2,000 have escaped to nearby emergency shelters at several schools but some returned to their house to protect their property. The Indonesian government would advise people not to return to their homes to avoid casualties like last year. Mount Semeru has erupted many times over the course of 200 years, similar to other active volcanoes in Indonesia but some still near or even on them. In Indonesia it is common to live on a fault line where volcanic activity could happen at any time.