Texas Woman Raised Alligator Captured

Texas Woman Raised Alligator Captured

Isabella Flores-Pena

A Texas woman who lives in Caldwell County in central Texas says she got an alligator 20 years ago from a zoo. She has been raising it ever since in her backyard. The woman’s name has not been released, but she had told Texas Parks and Wildlife officials that she treats the animal as a pet and named it Tewa.

Garza-Mayberry was the first who saw the unusual animal. Videos were released of the animal in the backyard and the women had stopped to examine it. 

The woman who raised the animal, had volunteered at the same zoo she got it from. It was either an egg or hatchling when she took the alligator said in a video on Facebook.

Texas law does not allow anyone to have possession over an alligator without having an alligator farmers permit. This comes with a number of requirements. The woman is not eligible to get the needed permit for this animal to be able to live on her property, therefore the state agency reached out to the zoo. Staff members were sent to help transport the animal to its new home with many other gators.