Nicaraguan’s Stripped of their Citizenship

Nicaraguans Stripped of their Citizenship

Isabella Flores-Pena

Nicaragua has stripped 94 people of their citizenship on state TV. Appeals Court Justice Ernesto Roderíguez Mejía on Wednesday declared 94 Nicaraguans as traitors. These Nicaraguans have been sentenced to civil death, meaning they have lost all their rights, property, and citizenship for life. 

The list of the human rights defenders includes, journalist and two of Nicaragua most prominent writers. The poet Giocoando Belli, novelist Sergio Ramírez, and Vilma Núñez were all denationalized. 

This has come after the day Nicaragua banished 222 political prisoners. They were sent to the U.S. by plane and stripped away their rights. In 2018, when a popular protest erupted, President Daniel Ortega took advantage of his power and has continued to do so.