Water Crisis In Italy

Water Crisis In Italy

This week the city of Venice in Italy faces another drought by having a dry winter this year. The dry winter caused less snowfall raising concerns for the drought. Usually in the city of Venice flooding is the main concern since the city is surrounded by canals of water but this season they are facing the opposite. 

The people begin to blame a combination of things. Things such a lack of rain, lack of snow, high pressure system and sea currents. Italy is in a water deficit crisis situation that has been building up since the Winter of 2021. 

The Po, the longest running river in Italy, has seen the worst of the water crisis by having 61 percent less water than usual around this time of the year. Just last July because the Po was already seeing the damages of a drought Italy declared state of emergencies for the surrounding areas because that where about  a third of there agriculture comes from 

In other rivers water levels have drastically fallen making record lows. Lake Garda has been one of these rivers to suffer the most from this drought and because of that it is making it an impossible task to travel to the small island San Biagio on the lake because the pathway is exposed with no water to cover it. 

Officials and researchers claim that they need 500 millimeters of rain in the northwest regions as soon as possible. That is a rough estimate for 50 straight  days of rainfall. Anti- Cyclones have been taking over and bringing mild temperatures to the area and weather forecasts do show signs of much needed precipitation and snow in the Alps coming their way.