Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News

Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News

This week former Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson had a racist text he sent to his former producers emerge right after he was released from the Fox News network.

Last week Tucker Carlson was fired from his job at Fox News. Carlson had a nighttime political talk show that he would often use to spread his conservative, republican bigoted, racist rhetoric. He would spread his white nationalist ideology on the network every night. Many people and organizations requested and pleaded for Fox News to take action because of the hateful and false speech he was sharing on their platform but they did nothing. At least they did nothing until last week. 

 Ex-host was fired from the network and there weren’t any specific details as to why they finally decided to let him go. Many have theories as to why, or what led up to his discharge.

 Many believe the most obvious reason for his abrupt departure is that Fox News settled a Defamation lawsuit from Dominion. This company provided the voting machines for the 2020 election. On air, Carlson on many occasions claims that their voting machines were set up to change votes from then President Trump to Joe Biden. He claims that because of the voting machines, Former president Trump lost the election, and was rigged for Biden to win. He and his guest have made unsupported claims bashing the company. Dominion had a case and took it to court. Just days before Carlson’s departure their defamation case was settled. Fox News is reported to pay $787.5 million to the company of Dominion. This is now the largest publicly disclosed defamation settlement in American history. 

Another event that led up to his discharge may have been the now-surfacing racist texts between Carlson and his former producer. Hours after Trump supporters stormed and bombarded the capital on Jan 6th 2021, he says he saw a video of a couple weeks earlier beating up an antifa kid. He goes on to state his emotions on the video saying it was claiming “this is not how white men fight.” He lastly goes on to state ‘Yet suddenly I found myself rooting for the mob against the man, hoping they’d hit him harder, kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the kid. I could taste it.” This should be a surprising thing to hear from a person but not from him. His show was notorious for his racist rhetoric and ideologies. He promoted the idea of The Great Replacement Theory. A conspiracy that was made up by white supremacists, which he claimed he was not. 

Carlson has used his show to inject his mindless drones of viewers with racist, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist rhetoric. This man has said and spread terrible, hateful, white nationalistic and supremacist ideas. Lastly, half of the things he said on his talk show were just completely false. Making claims and had no evidence whatsoever to back up what he said. That’s not journalism, that’s just sharing false information which shouldn’t have been aired on a news network.