Homecoming: An Inside Scoop

Melanie Porter, Photo Editor


Homecoming is just around the corner, and with that, dread and panic can occupy the lives of many high school students. From getting a date to finding the perfect dress, homecoming is not only a time to have fun, but to show how well you can put yourself together, and how you are more than the yoga pants and hoodie you wear to school every day. (Because let’s face it, who actually wakes up on time anyway). However, there is no need to panic, because, although there are countless racks of dresses at any department store, only a select few styles are actually deemed as “socially acceptable” by any group of local high school fashionistas, who obviously know what they are talking about because they have over 500 followers on Instagram. So feel free to strut your style at homecoming this year, but make sure it fits in the guidelines of “the basic homecoming look.”



Hair can be styled in thousands of different ways, however, there are two ways that have grown increasingly popular and will be a sure show stopper on homecoming night.

  1. The updo: But not just any updo, make it look as complicated as possible, concealing bobby pins every which way and incorporating some type of glitter to add a wow factor. A low bun can be deemed as classy and elegant, and don’t let your throbbing head full of bobby pins tell you otherwise.
  2. The effortless: Easy, breezy curls have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Don’t make them corkscrew tight, make them look effortless, although everyone knows those effortless curls took at least an hour to achieve “complete ease.” A simple braid or twist can be incorporated into the hairstyle to amp up the hairstyle, but too much effort may make this hairstyle look like you actually tried and *gasp* who actually tries anymore.  



Glitter. Glitter everywhere. Have a blemish? Glitter. Have circles under your eyes? Glitter. Have a face? Glitter. Smear glitter everywhere and you’ll be sure to be a show-stopper.



Dresses come in every shape, color, and style. However, if you go overboard, people might actually look at you, and who wants that. Pajamas are always a great option if you want to go for an effortless look to match your effortless hair. There is one dress that many people describe as “perfect.” Be sure to check out literally any store in the country, it for sure will be there. Coming in every single range of pastel color on the planet, this dress will be sure to guarantee you some cute pictures with your girl squad, with at least one other girl in the squad in the exact same dress but a different color of pastel. #twinsies. This dress has rhinestones and glitter every which way on the bodice, catching light and blinding everyone from every angle. The skirt flows in a pastel shade of pink, blue or purple, and ends about mid thigh or shorter, depending on how much leg you want to show off. It’s a great pick, and you’ll be sure to blend in but also stand out. Try a bolder red or yellow if you want to be daring.



Once again, if there’s glitter, it’s a great option. Be sure to buy heels that you know you’ll have to take off by the end of the night and will give you raging blisters for weeks. Beauty is pain, and pain is large blisters all over your feet. A clutch is a great idea, just don’t get it mixed up with anyone else’s silvery, glitter clutch that many girls seem to have.


Homecoming can be full of excitement but also dread. Don’t panic! As long as you have the most effortless hair, over the top makeup, and blindingly glittery dress, there’s nothing to worry about. So sit back, get your french tip manicure, and just wait for the squad drama to occur.