Falling For Fall Fashion

Melanie Porter, Photo Editor

Even though it still is warm here in the sunny state of Arizona, that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start planning a #goals fall wardrobe. Scarves, cardigans, and tights are essentials when it comes to accessorising the perfect fall look and staying warm at the same time. Because of the hot climate here in Arizona, some fashion staples can be appropriate for the whole year. Tyler Short (12) says, “I wear my flip flops all year round. Flip flops are definitely my fashion staple.” For Elizabeth Rawnsley, “Boots and flannels are definitely a fall essential for me. They’re cozy and cute.” According to Pinterest, some of the upcoming fall trends include: leggings, t-shirt dresses paired with scarves, and boots of all shapes and colors paired with lace socks. Oversized sweaters continue to become a growing trend, and they are perfect for the day when you just want to conceal your stained pajama top instead of actually getting dressed. (Nobody will even know!) “I think that warm and earth tones are perfect for any fall look,” says Emma Virga (11). Indeed, all shades of red, olive green, navy blue, grays and blacks are sure to bring any fall look to the next level. Although practically all department and clothing stores are well prepared for the upcoming season with loads of cute, trending clothing, H&M is a popular pick when looking for cheap clothing that has the perfect fit. However, when looking for slightly better quality clothing, namely jackets Virga says, “Nordstrom has the cutest leather jackets, and for a decent price.” The key to finding the most instagram worthy fall wardrobe is to go in with an aesthetic and shop around until you find the perfect price. Be prepared this fall with a fashion forward wardrobe!