Closing Night of Shrek: The Musical


Taylor Smith, General Staff

The theatre department at Hamilton High School, who are state champs, outdid themselves again with the live production of Shrek The Musical. I was fortunate enough to attend closing night of the show, and to say the least, it left with with a night full of emotion and in complete awe of the talent at our high school.

Everyone involved, from the directors to the kids in ensemble, made the musical something all of us will forever remember. All the hard work everyone put into making it perfect was immensely evident throughout the entire show. I talked to Shaun Dunn (10), who played Donkey, and asked him how he felt about his performance closing night and the feelings attached to it. “I really thought it went amazing. All the hard work we did really payed off.” Everyone I was able to talk to and hug after the show was beaming; the performance was unforgettable.

I interviewed Emma Wang (12), who was in ensemble and had her last mainstage performance at Hamilton that night. “I think closing night went really well! It was kind of nostalgic because it was my last mainstage performance here. I had a lot of fun with this show but it was a bittersweet moment to close.” Molly Butcher (10) who was also in ensemble, also commented on closing night. “Closing night was probably my favorite show that we did. We were focused and ready; we knew what we were doing.”

All in all, the Hamilton Theatre Department is one holding insane amounts of talent. Shrek was truly on of the best productions I have ever seen and even two days later, I am still singing the songs in my head. Everyone in the cast left a lasting impression on their audience and were captivating and riveting. Truly an amazing performance.