IOS 11 Secret Features


Cassie Knochel

  1. Add the buttons you want to control center

This is one of the best changes in iOS 11. You can customize what shortcuts appear in the new and improved Control Center by going into Settings. Add shortcut buttons for things like screen recording, voice memos, and the magnifier tool.

  1. Use the camera to scan QR Codes

It’s a bit late to the party, but Apple has added QR support to its mobile software. Turn on the camera, point it at any QR code and a pop-up notification will offer to open it in Safari.

  1. Stop apps from begging for reviews

If you dislike the pop-up windows from apps constantly asking you to leave a review, you can banish them forever. Go to Settings, followed by iTunes & App Store. Finally, tap the switch for In-App Ratings & Reviews.

  1. Take Live Photos of video calls

You’re on a FaceTime call with your friends and they do something funny well now you can relive that moment in a proprietary image format invented by Apple. To take a Live Photo of someone during a FaceTime call, you’ll need to press the white button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Both participants need to have iOS 11 running and Live Photos turned on for it to work. The other person will get a notification that they’ve been Live Photo-ed.

You can prevent someone from taking Live Photos of you by turning off the option in FaceTime’s settings. However, they can still use screen recording during a call and you won’t be notified.

  1. Doodle on screenshots

Now when you take a screenshot (Power button + Home button), it will appear as a thumbnail in the bottom corner of your screen. Tap to start marking it up and then send it off to a friend or save it to your camera roll.

  1. Make Live Photos do more

If you swipe up on a Live Photo, a new menu appears with options to add some pretty routine effects. Loop turns it into, well, a loop. Bounce reverses it mid shot, and Long Exposure uses the frames captures to create a photo that looks like it had a slow shutter speed. As long as you’re playing with pictures, check out the updated photo filters.

  1. Silly Messages Tricks

In the last big iOS update, Apple added a ton of features to Messages like stickers and balloons. It’s still tinkering with the format and has added a line of apps along the bottom of messages. You can tap around to see which of your existing apps have Messages stickers and integrations. There are also two new animation effects, spotlight and echo. Spotlight darkens everything but puts a bright light on your latest text. Echo covers the screen in floating copies or your message.