Golden Globes


Lauren Craig and Victoria Blanco

The Golden Globes, which aired on January 7, 2018 in The Beverly Hilton, are an academy award show which honors tv shows and films. This is the first award show since the news release of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment claims. Since then, multiple women have spoken out against Weinstein as well as other executive producers and actors. With wide coverage reaching farther than the United States, countless celebrities wore all black to show recognition towards the sexual harassment epidemic. With the bold statement that celebrities brought, many question “why black?” Current hamilton student Chris Laplace (12) said ”black is a color that encompasses all the other colors which effects everybody.” It can be seen that black is more than a color. It is a statement.

This act of protesting back was worn across all celebrities attending the award show. Current freshmen, Hali Gladish said “wearing black made people notice the issue and brought recognition that this is real.” Furthermore, these actresses and actors decided to collectively fight back against a huge issue by wearing a color, but what else could they do? Others think that just wearing a color isn’t enough to fight back against seuxal harassment. Hamilton student, Kate Patterson (11) said “a color isn’t enough. Symbolism is important but it can only go so far.” For example, these wealthy celebrities could have raised money for an organization who helps victims recover from sexual harassment, but they wore a color. What real help could a color do? Well, it definitely raised awareness towards the issue, and these people took the award show as an opportunity to broadcast these views to millions of people nationwide. But again, as wealthy folk, could they have done more?

RAINN, an organization to help victims of rape, abuse, and incest, has helped more than 2 million people. Raising more than 500,000 dollars from Penn State, and even more from online donations. There are so many people out there who need help and who are currently in bad situations that are helpless. There is a donation and help link below: