Edward Quintana

As the year comes to a close and the semester reaches its peak, students begin to feel the cold of senioritis.

A disease that plagues the student body. It begins small, maybe not doing your homework on time or sleeping in class. But then it can rage to its maximum. Skipping school, being late, and even dropping out. Ashlie Johnston (12) explains, “I’ve had senioritis since elementary school! I’ve been trying to get a good grade average lately and senioritis is like no! Honestly there’s so much work in so little time and it’s just stressing me out.”

With the impending semester grades and grade point averages winding in on us, there’s a feeling of anxiety and fear. Don’t even get us started on applying to College. There’s plenty of stress surging through the students at Hamilton at the moment. Destiny Net (12) claims, “I stayed home two days in a row. I actually came and then immediately went home. The senioritis is real!” The sickness has swept over the school and infected the graduating class of 2019.

Graduation is months away and students are racing to fix their grades, make their plans, and prepare for their future after high school. For some, graduation couldn’t come sooner, and others could use some more time. With senioritis comes the crippling feeling of wanting to give up. Mackenzie Cutchall (12) says, “The classes are so boring and you just have to sit there and pretend to do something.” The symptoms of senioritis include sleepiness and dwindling discouragement.

2018 is coming to its end, the holidays are ringing in, and the semester is closing. Now is the time to snap out of your senioritis and wake up. There’s not much time left but it’s never too late for seniors to fix their ways.