Cardi B and Offset’s Break Up

Hannah Ferraro

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The rappers Cardi B and Offset have recently broke off their relationship.

Cardi B or Belcalis Almanzar, is an American rapper who is well known for the song “Bodak Yellow” which was released on June 16th 2017. Cardi B was born in the Bronx, New York. Her rapper name Cardi B comes from the drink Bacardi but due to copyright issues, she shortened it to Cardi B.The song hit the top charts fairly quickly. It was placed number 1 in late October 2017. On the other hand we have Offset who is a member in the Migos. Migos are very well known for their song “Bad and Boujee”. Cardi B had a child with her ex husband Offset on July 10, 2018. The babys name is Kulture Kiari Cephus. Offset publicly proposed to Cardi B one month after their top-secret wedding in October 2017.

Last week, Cardi B announced that her and Offset broke up. She said she wasn’t doing it for publicity so that thought was quickly shut down. Alyssa Lolmendo (10) says, “I feel like most artists nowadays would do things for publicity so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is fake.”  According to “Cosmopolitan” it is said that Offset cheated on her and that is why things had to end. Cardi exclaimed that the love she had for Offset was never fake and that she meant it. Lexi Ernesto (10) says “ What are they going to do about the baby now.” Offset tweeted and said that he misses her.

If this is a publicity stunt, the public will be very frustrated with the two of them. Lauren Mcneil (10) gives her thoughts on the matter by saying “It seems like Cardi B genuinely loved him and didn’t want it to come to this.” It’s sad to have to see people break up especially if they have a kid. Maybe they might even get back together. Only time will tell.  


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