Music of the Year

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All kinds of music are enjoyed by all kinds of people in the world. Of course, there are going to be some genres, artists, and songs that are more popular than others, and 2018 had some great hits. The most popular genres out there are mostly played on the radio, and that pushes people to buy new albums, and to making music of their own.

There are many kinds of genres to choose from, but everyone has a favorite. Maggie O’Connor (10) said “I like all different kinds of genres. I like country because of the lyrics and their inspiration. I like rap because I like the base of it, and I like pop because it’s fun to listen to.” Different genres bring different reasons for liking them, and Maggie provided good reasons for the many genres she likes.

When asked what the biggest hit of 2018 is, Kelty Murray (10) said “Definitely Jackie Chan by Post Malone because it’s a hype song.” The hits of 2018 were all songs by very popular artists that people listen to for the excitement.

When asked what her favorite artist is, Lucie Andreas (10) said “Ariana Grande or Shawn Mendes because they’re nice people in real life and I like their music.” Everyone has their own favorite artist, and who they prefer to listen to. It’s why there are so many different singers out there who are famous. It’s because so many people have different likings, and what type of music that they like to listen to listen to.

Music is an important part of many people’s lives. It brings happiness and soothes sorrows. People listen to music because of my many different reasons. A breakup. A party, to even a car ride. In the world, people have evolved it to a career. Some people’s dreams are  to express music with others.


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