Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

Max Pulido

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On Friday, December 14, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse will be coming to theatres. This movie is setting two cornerstones, the first movie to have Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales as the lead Spider-man and the first cinematic adaptation of the 2014 comic Spider-verse. Although the movie and comic shares the same name, it appears that there will be some significant differences between the two. The comic follows Peter Parker and Otto Octavius travelling through the multiverse recruiting Spider-people and battling a family of dimension hopping energy vampires. While the movie follows mainly Miles Morales and him learning his new powers with the mentorship of an older Peter Parker from another universe. The two are joined by Spider-people that were sucked from their universe and dropped into Miles’. Spider-woman, Spider-ham, Spider-man Noir, and SP//dr are among those who appear in the trailer but due to the hugeness of the marvel multiverse there could be more to appear. The role of the main antagonist isn’t someone that audiences would expect, he doesn’t have robotic tentacles, green scaly skin or a yellow starfish on his face, no. But this villain is none other than the kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen, Wilson Fisk. Who, in the movie, is the man who organizes the tears to other worlds and the chance of his universe being destroyed.

The debut of Miles Morales has been a long wait for the fans of the web-slinger. One long time Spider-man fan Dhani Branch (10) said, “When the Into the Spider-verse trailer dropped I was so excited. It’s the first movie with Miles, my favorite since he came out.” A major Spider-man fan Zahari Brisbane (10) said, “I’ve always been a Spider-man guy. Whether it’s a movie, game or comic, I’m rooting for Spidey. Now being able to see a whole new take on him will be great because there’s already been three Peter Parker’s so the change is good.” Into the Spider-verse has been reviewed as a new type of Spider-man movie.  

 Miles Morales has been a long time favorite character, ever since his first appearance as the new Ultimate Spider-man in 2011, but that’s what you can expect from a character who was based on former president Barack Obama and actor/rapper Donald Glover. Miles was the first Afro-Latino to officially and permanently take on the responsibility of the wall crawler. Miles will be played by Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson as Peter Parker, Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-woman Gwen Stacy and Liev Shreiber as the gangster-like Kingpin.       

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