Black Panther Making Oscars History

Max Pulido

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The Oscars right now is a ship without a captain, but through the chaos a wise decision has been made. One of the greatest comic book movies, “Black Panther” has been nominated for several awards. This is the first time a superhero movie has been nominated for Best Picture. “Black Panther” was a huge win for multiple groups, with its great adaptation of characters and strong representation of the African-American culture. There has already been a superhero movie that won an Oscar. It was the “Dark Knight” for best actor, the recipient was the late great Heath Ledger for his mesmerising portrayal of the Joker, winning the only Oscar for DC. Which is ironic because Michael B. Jordan’s amazing portrayal of Killmonger has been praised similarly to Heath Ledger’s Joker. “The Black Panther” isn’t the only superhero movie nominated for an Oscar. “Avengers: Infinity War” is being nominated for best visual effects and “Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse” for best animated feature.

Student and long-time nerd Zahari Brisbane (10) had this to say about the nominations: “I’ve been a long time fan of the Black Panther. Him and Spider- man have been my favorites and now they’re both nominated for an Oscar. It’s about time and well deserved.” Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. A big moment for a well known group of the same name. Dhani Branch (10) said “Black Panther was a great movie. They didn’t change the character or his story too much and it had a great villain. Michael B. Jordan did a convincing job as Killmonger, someone fed up with the current status of his people.” Zinia Chapelle (10) said, “The whole cast was amazing. I wasn’t that into superhero movies but Black Panther drew me in. I hope it wins all of their nominations.”

The Oscars are suppose to be on February 24. No definitive host has been announced yet but there have been talks that the cast of the Avengers will host. They would host collectively which would just be awesome.

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