Pot of Gold

Kyle Coffee

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Over Spring Break, one of the larger events occurring in Arizona was the annual Pot of Gold Music Festival. This weekend long experience included several different activities that would interest a wide variety of people, so anyone can attend and have fun.

One of the attractions of the festival is their art section. Here, people are able to engage with local artists and enjoy their work or purchase some of their merchandise. This merchandise ranged from various items of jewelry to t-shirts and actual pieces of art on canvas. A more notable part of the art area was the large walls for select artists to spray paint and create graffiti art. What displayed on the wall was inspired by some of the artists headlining, current issues, and more personal muses from the artists.

Another attraction the festival included was the carnival within. At this section, everyone is able to experience a classic carnival atmosphere with genuine food, rides, and games. The food included cotton candy, corn dogs, ice cream, and anything else that  would be found at similar types of establishments. There were many different rides that appealed to anyone present. If someone wasn’t comfortable with the fast pace, they could go on the ferris wheel or in the fun house. Those who seek the adrenaline rush were able to go on rides that flipped nearly a hundred feet in the air or spinned at quick speeds.

Of course, the most crucial part of an incredible music festival is the music. Each of the three days had many notable artists coming to play at one of their three stages throughout. The early parts of each day saw smaller singers making a name for themselves perform while the nights featured more of their bigger attractions such as Snoop Dogg, Ozuna, and culminated with Post Malone on Sunday night. With everyone in the crowd getting into every performance, the musicians feed off that energy making the whole experience that much better.

Overall, the Pot of Gold Music Festival was a great event to attend because of the wide variety of things to do that makes everyone happy. With the festival coming back next year, expect for more fun and excitement that everyone can get behind.

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