American Horror Story New Season

American Horror Story New Season

Arabella Hammerich and Jay Jay Quintana

American Horror Story recently announced it’s new season as “1984.” They haven’t said much about what that pertains to, but photos have been released showing adaptations of everyone’s favorite classics such as Freddie Kruger, Jaws, Jason Voorhees and others. The fans are getting excited more and more by the minute.

With popular shows airing each month, people still find a way to bring hype on social media for AHS. AHS fan Aundrea Lester (10) stated that “I’m not sure what they’re going to do with this new theme, but I can’t wait to find out. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.” Fans everywhere are wondering what’s going to happen in this new season. But they will just have to be patient.

Another fan, Jaide Montefour (11) said that something she’s not looking forward to is “I’m super disappointed Evan Peters isn’t going to be in it. He was my favorite actor.” Many are disappointed he won’t be in this season, but he stated that he will just “sit a season out,” suggesting he will return in the future. Currently, Evan Peters is working on X-Men new movie Dark Phoenix.

Lastly, Tram Nguyen (10) said that  “I am really excited for this new season. I just love this show and all the actors, and I can’t wait.” Everyone is excited for the new season and to see what is going to happen. This season does seem like it will be a good one.

With the audience of AHS still entwined, the producers continue to bring the people new and interesting themes. People are curious, and hopeful for this new season. After the season Apocalypse, people are still weary about a new season not pertaining to the last one. But everyone is ready and still excited for this new world AHS is bringing us.