Disney’s Aladdin: Movie Expectation


Adison Johnson

Disney’s classic movies have come back in a bigger and better way. The live action remakes either liven the original or add a new spin on a classic. The newest in the collection is Aladdin. The original cartoon was made back in 1992, proving even today to little girls how to be strong. Danielle Miner (11) loves the original, saying, “The message is so well needed even more today. The music is catchy and Genie is hilarious.” For years the movie has been a classic hit, the live action most definitely has a lot to live up to.

The cast includes Will Smith, who will be taking on the iconic role of the Genie. Smith was on the Ellen Show and told how he originally did not want to do it. “Robin [Williams]  was iconic and I did not think I could live up to that standard.” (EllenTube) He goes on to explain how he brought his own spin to the beloved cartoon character like Williams did all those years ago. Naomi Scott is Princess Jasmine and looks to be wearing that crown well. Scott has been apart of Disney since her Lemonade Mouth days. Lastly, Mena Massoud is Prince Ali. He is a canadian actor and is a little less known. Hopefully this movie will kick start his fame. All of these actors and actresses are definitely under pressure to produce a film that could be greater than the original. Alice Jung (10) said’ “You bet I will be at the midnight premiere for the movie!” It is one you will not want to miss!

Aladdin has a lot of pressure to be big, lavish and fun. With all the trailers and the interviews of the cast, the movie will forsure be bigger than original.

The live action Aladdin comes out this Friday! Go experience the Disney magic!