Mean Girls Showing at Alamo Draft-house


Credit: Paramount pictures

Zelia Garcia

Last Saturday on September 14th, the famous movie, Mean Girls, was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse. The showing was held at Chandler Heights and Arizona Avenue and it offered food that’s brought to your seat. At school, tickets sold were about $12 each to any Hamilton Student that wanted to attend. Mean Girls applies to high schoolers as the Alamo calls the movie, “the most important survival guide to high school ever created.”

At the showing, the staff handed out goodie bags specific to the movie. Amara Lopez (11) said, “there were cute pink lollipops in the bag and some stickers with sayings from the movie.” The Alamo really put in their time and effort into making this a great experience for anyone that went! The people who attended not only got to see Mean Girls in a theatre but also got exclusive items that went with the movie.

When asked what she thought of the experience, senior Ariana Orlando said, “Mean Girls has always been my favorite movie but I never got to see it in theatres. This opportunity changed my life!” Since Mean Girls came out in 2004, most of the students were really young when the movie was first shown. The Alamo gave those who didn’t get to see it in theatres an amazing chance to experience seeing the movie on the big screen.

Overall, the Mean Girls showing at the Alamo Drafthouse was a success! The people who went seemed to have loved the opportunity to see the movie that came out in 2004, in theaters. Also, the goodie bags made the experience that much better and gave some great memories. For such an inexpensive price, the showing was worth attending and all students should consider showing up to the next!