Opinions on New Apple Products


Credit: Apple

Lizz Shields

On September 10th, Apple dropped the news of the iPhone 11, a new iPad, and Apple Watch Series 5. The internet is overall in shock, either hating it or loving it. The phone contains three cameras and is almost seven inches long which is almost the size of the first iPad.

Students and teachers have different opinions like the rest of the world. An opinion on the invention and technical qualities of the new iPhone is from Jadin Moore (11), “I think it should have been invented better, I don’t understand the purpose of three cameras,” she says. The phone does involve multiple safety features and connects to Bluetooth devices, your computer, and your apple watch. It is also supposedly extremely durable and can withstand up to two meters of liquid for nearly thirty minutes, has a battery lifespan of 4 hours (5 with the MAX), and it will be thirty dollars less than the iPhone XR.

The new iPad is 10.2 inches and supports the smart keyboard. It has fast wifi, LTE, weighs about one pound, all-day battery life, and desktop-class browsing. With multiple opinions on Apple products and electronics, money seems to always be a factor. Whether it be the service plan or the retail price, money will be the most anxious part about getting a new phone. “It’s way too expensive,” says Peregrine Wyvll (9.) While the new products are a fraction cheaper than the old ones, it still may be a price too high for families.

Another new Apple product to come on the shelves in 2019 is the new Apple Watch Series 5. Styles will be released in aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, and even titanium. It comes with new designs and an always-on retina display, built-in compass, and international emergency calling. Same as the new iPhone, students aren’t very impressed, “It honestly is the same thing with a new image and maybe one new app.” says Zach Boltz (9.) Overall the products hold high prices and new technology, is Apple really worth it? Maybe, maybe not.